World’s Biggest (Model) Offshore Platform, 4 Million Matchsticks! – Read More Here

Ever wanted to own an offshore oil platform? Don’t buy one, BUILD one!

David Reynolds of Southampton, England is a retired oil rig worker whose hobby is building things out of matchsticks… and he thinks BIG!

His love of the Sea and his experience roughnecking on offshore platforms inspired Mr. Reynolds to build a replica of the Brent Bravo rig that he calls “Cathedrals Of The Sea”. It took 15 years to build, starting in 1994, working anywhere from two to 10 hours a day. Eventually the project consumed more than 30,000 hours and 4,075,000 individual matchsticks. He estimates that he spent more than $7,500 USD on glue and matchsticks.

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The project weighs just over 2,200 pounds and stands 12 feet tall and is 21 feet long. As it was being built, the sheer size of the components required that it be made into 14 units so they could be stored in various rooms in Mr. Reynolds’ home.

In 2009, the whole thing was assembled and put on display at the Bursledon Brickworks Museum in Southampton, England. That same year the creation was recognized by Guinness World Records as the World’s largest matchstick model/structure/sculpture!

The level of detail is nothing less than amazing! Crew quarters, flaring towers, cranes, helipads, walkways and even lifeboats are all rendered in magnificent detail!