Texas State Troopers Bust A Man Hauling 4,000+ pounds of WEED stashed inside some oilfield equipment Wednesday, morning.


Early Wednesday morning, Texas State Troopers stopped a tractor-trailer in Starr County and once they had it pulled over, they could sense and smell that something was wrong.

Carlos A. Lozano, Age 42, who is from Pasadena, TX was pulling a flatbed trailer with a pressure washer skid on it going down U.S. 83 close to Roma.

After state troopers smelled the strong scent of marijuana coming from the truck, they asked the man where he was going. Carlos then lied and said he was off to Carrizo Springs to deliver the pressure washer, which turned out to be a lie.

Troopers called the company and they had no clue who this man was and informed the troopers that they didn’t use pressure washers at that location.

The troopers inspected the trailer and found “unusual welds”. They towed the rig back to the station where they found more then 4,000 pounds of weed stashed inside.

Carlos claimed some man named “Pablo” paid him $40,000 a trip to move the drugs to Houston, Tx.

At this time, Carlos A. Lozano is being charged with possession and intent to distribute 1,836 kilograms of marijuana.