Offshore Platform Turned Into a Vacation Get-a-way…. Read More Here

Ever wondered what life is like offshore? Want a vacation that’s REALLY different? Then this is for you!

Back in 1966, the United States government built the Frying Pan Shoals Light Tower as an aid to ships navigating the treacherous waters off the North Carolina coast. Originally intended to house several Coast Guard crewmen, the light tower was fully automated in 1979 and all the crewmen were removed. By 2003, the lighthouse was deactivated and replaced by a buoy.


Designed to replicate a steel oil-drilling platform, often referred to as a “Texas Tower (lighthouse)”, the structure sits atop four steel legs. Perched 85 feet above the ocean, the structure has roughly 5,000 square feet of living space that includes eight bedrooms, a fully-equipped kitchen, an office, storage spaces, a recreation room, toilet facilities and a helipad.

big-catch bedroom


The location, about 32 miles offshore, can be reached by boat or helicopter and offers a genuine “offshore” experience. What is there to do in the middle of the ocean? How about diving, fishing, skeet-shooting or golf on the helipad? There’s also a pool table, a telescope for stargazing, internet access and digital TV with an 8′ projector!

billiards fish tuna view-from-chopper tower

Visits can be booked individually or as a group of as many as 12 guests. The pricing for a three-day, two-night stay is very reasonable at $300 per person for the basic package or $498 for the “All Included” plan (room, meals and transportation). The experience is like a mix of camping and renting a beach house for the weekend. When you get back to land, you’ll bring with you the memories of your time offshore and some idea of what life is like out on the water.

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