In the pic left to right Craig Alexander, Gale E. Alexander (grandpaw), Curt Alexander (dad), it was…..


Ok here we go,
In the pic left to right Craig Alexander, Gale E. Alexander (grandpaw), Curt Alexander (dad), it was FORA co. Est. early 60’s ran by Gale and his three brothers; previously Hutchison Drilling in the Texas panhandle started by J.C. Alexander. He came in from OK to the panhandle working for Frank Phillips of Phillips 66. J.C. Was the first drilling superintendent for Phillips 66 in the panhandle, all the rigs then were cable tool jarring rigs long before rotary rigs. Then after several years J.C. Decided to buy his own leases and rigs to drill his own wells, hence the start of Hutchison Drilling. Most of the wells where located between Pampa and Borger Tx. All in the range of 3000-3500 td. That pic was a well purchased later and required a tubing trip every 3 months due to electrolysis on the bottom joint. Some of this is documented in a book called the Oilman. J.C.’s brother was a man with balls of steal they say driving the nitro glycerin truck. Grandpaw past 3 years ago, he was a bad man drove his own guy wire steaks till he was about 80 and up until he turned around 72 could beat me every time I was 19-20 and was an Allstate running back in tx needless to say I was in good shape if that says anything. He retired about a year before his passing. Gale had the first electrified well in the panhandle up to this point they were all ran off rod line and NG fired engines, all wood tanks and boilers were used to ready the oil for sale. We did all of our own work it was a 3 man operation, we operated and maintained aprox 80 wells, ( the best years of my life but the pay was low) it didn’t matter I did it out of pure pride. I know I’m leaving many things out here guys. Most of the wells we operated were drilled in th 20’s-30’s most of which still pump today very little production I will add “stripper wells”. The co has since been sold. If you have any questions please feel free to ask I’m no writer by any means. It would mean the world to me and my dad to have this posted not many people know the story except all the old timers in the coffee shop I also have a short reel to reel video of one of if not the first rotary rig in the panhandle owned by Hutchison Drilling, we found in granpaws storage room. I started on this rig when I was 13 years old as a summer job not because we were poor but because my parents wanted me to learn the value of a dollar, needless to say Granpaw had to let me go till the following summer due to child labor laws, I was devastated. I’m still in the patch today, well unemployed at the moment but I’m on the hunt. I worked for him until I was 21 or so then I moved on to Unit drilling, that is who I worked for when this was taken.