Great Christmas Poem Ray.. Merry Christmas !!!!!

Twas the night before Christmas, old #7 was the rig,
I’d just left the doghouse to smoke me a cig.
When up on the derrick there arose such a clatter,
I nearly lost my hardhat trying to see what was the matter,
I looked to the crown and what should appear,
But a broken, dented sleigh, and 8 dazed reindeer,
They fought and they struggled, but they just couldn’t land,
So the derrickman went up in the asschair to give them a hand,
He rode back down carrying a fat little fellow,
His cheeks are usually rosy, but bout now their yellow,
The company man wrote him up for not wearin his glasses,
Said “If you get them down here, I’ll write up all there asses”
“They show up on location, They didn’t sign in”,
I’ve told everybody once, I aint telling em again”,
Now we gotta write a HIP, and an accident report,
If OSHA shows up, we’ll end up in court,
When the little man recovered, he dug deep in his sack,
He dove in head first and reached way in the back,
He came out with presents fit for rig hands,
He even had one for the company man,
He had cookies, and cakes, sausage, and tarts,
He gave the pusher some skoal and the Company man a heart,
He left diet cokes and coffee, and cups made of foam,
Said I’d love to stay fellows, but I’ve got to move on,
It took both floor hoist to get his rig down,
They let it down the V door onto the ground,
It took two floor hands, a sledge, and chain tongs,
To fix up his sleigh, it didn’t take long,
He jumped in his sleigh,
And in a flash he took flight,
Merry Christmas to all,
Keep it spinnin to the right.

BY: Ray Verhoeven
Top Drive Tech
Nomac Rig 7
Towanda PA.