Funny Story About A GOAT On A Drilling Rig……

I was working for Tom Hansen Co. It was a wireline and tube testing outfit and we were out of Odessa, but they had many other locations.

It was always a rush to get picked to do a Marathon job because they were very demanding and it was good money. Shallow holes-1500-2000 TD on most. Rugged terrain-all sand..

We would shoot the well and it would flow without fracking -prime real estate. anyhow, we always came across this billy goat , hence the name billy.

This old boy had been around the block. Very easy going , as long as you were feeding him.The spray painting /tagging was something you won’t likely ever see in your area. It was blue paint and it like a gang tattoo.

Everyone loved the old goat. This was in 1984.. If fed enough, I’m sure he lasted many years after… Did I mention it was HOT down there ?