Funny Oilfield Joke…..

A drilling company is looking to hire a Tool Pusher, Driller, and a Roughneck. 3 hands go to apply for the positions.

They put each hand in their own room, and give them 3 steel ball bearings. They tell each of em you have 30 min to come up with a clever idea for your items. That will determine your job.

They leave and 30 min later come back to check on the first hand. They find that he stack his ball bearings on top of each other perfectly in the center of the room. They said good job you will we the Pusher.

When they checked on the 2nd hand. They found he had put the ball bearings in a triangle shape, centered in the room, pointing north. They said not bad you make Driller.

When they checked on the last hand. They found he lost one ball bearing, broke one smooth in half, and the 3rd was in his pocket. He was stealing it and taking it home. They all said we found our ROUGHNECK!!! Lol

A Special thanks goes out to “Johnny Meadows” for sending us this joke.