A cool Poem submitted to us from @Jay Calk…….

“Its another lonely day on this hell bent rig,piling weight upon the bit to make that sucker dig.

i heard a thumping noise coming from the pump,i lifted up my head and watched the kelly hose jump.

i unchained the brake and grabbed that ole clutch,i shifted into low giving the throttle just a touch.i kicked out the pump and yelled “GET IT DONE”,they’re changing out a seat in the hot summer sun.

Its times like these that i really love my job,chompin on these boys like corn on the cob.they’ll put it back together and we’ll start it up again,100 strokes per minute until the very end.

When one things fixed another thing breaks,patience heart and love is all that it takes.we’ll drill it all down just to pull it out again,these boys are ballin on NOMAC 110

-Jay Calk”