At “Boomtown Babes Espresso’s” in Williston, ND – Business is still Booming…..


Back in 2013, Nyssa, the brilliant owner of Boomtown Babes, set up a small espresso  stand in Williston, ND to service the growing need for coffee lovers there.

What makes THIS place different from all the other businesses in town is the attractive women who work there. With Women outnumbering Men 100 to 1 in Williston, it wasn’t long before word got around about their unique shop and customers started coming in by the truckloads.

Since opening, they have gotten a huge loyal following and have a facebook page that they update frequently to show who’s working today with pictures and all……

Here’s one example… (facebook post) – “Trish will be here till 9pm!”

Trish will be here till 9pm!

Here’s another post from facebook:  “Mikeala will be working till 1pm!”

Mikeala will be working till 1pm!

There has been plenty of write ups about the shop nationwide and the last I heard they were planning to expand into other cities soon.

In closing, I think it’s safe to say that business will likely stay booming for the girls at Boomtown Babes.

You can find the Boomtown Babes at their facebook page here: